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Want me to Have Cisco Hair for Shave Day? Here's How!

Cisconians, this ones for YOU! 🌉

If we raise $15,000 by March 21st - I'll have #Cisco Hair for Shave Day!

Every TWO minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer.

For every $1,000 raised - one child receives the opportunity for a possibly life-saving clinical trial.

Help me give these kids their childhoods back! We've got just 24 days until I'm #BALD again!


I could not do what I do for St. Baldricks without the support I receive from #Cisco, and my colleagues around the globe.

As employees, we not only get our donations matched by Cisco, but Cisco also provides $10/hr volunteered to approved organizations (Yep, #StBaldricks is one of them) *AND* gives us five days every year - separate from our PTO - to #GiveBack to our communities.

I've seen the power of a whole lot of people who care a lot, and give a little has.

I've also seen the power of working for a company with HEART has.

And I'm extremely proud that the company I work for -- is not just one of those companies -- but, we're one of the LEADING companies in this space.

Matched donations from Cisco roll in well into the summer.

I volunteer ~200 hours annually for

St. Baldricks. (x that by $10!)

And while all 40 of my volunteer hours aren't used for St. Baldricks (most actually go to visits with our #TherapyDog, Kimbee) -- quite simply, it ALL adds up.

And, I know that over the years Cisco employees have been a HUGE part of helping me to end kid's cancer.

2020 will be no different.


One of the big questions I've received over the years is, "Why don't you shave the Cisco logo into your head?"

And I typically tease back, "Because, it's going to cost you..."

Big company. Big heart. Big reward.

Because, if everyone of my co-workers gave just $1 — big things would be happening for these brave little warriors battling cancer.

Because, while I'm not great at math -- I've seen the power $5, $10, and $25 have when they come from large groups of people who can not live with the fact that in 2020, often, we're still treating kids with adult chemo and radiation to save their lives.

Will you help me fight kid's cancer?

Will you help me provide 15 children the ability to participate in a clinical trial?

Will you help me give these kids their childhood's back -- not just so that they can go on to live the lives they imagined, but so that they can THRIVE.

Cisco Employees - when requesting a MATCH in Brightfunds,

use designation Casie Shimansky's 2020 St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

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