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Headbands of Hope

One of my FAVORITE parts of fundraising for the St. Baldrick's Foundation is how this fight brings so many incredible people together. 💜

Rockin' our Headbands of Hope at St. Baldricks, 2013

I met the incredibly vibrant Jess Ekstrom, Founder of Headbands of Hope, (virtually, as one does) yeaaaars ago, through our passion for helping kids fight cancer.

She had just started @headbandsofhope, and I had just made a promise to go bald for @stbaldricks. We’ve both come a long way since then, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for all the success Jess has had as a business owner, speaker, and author.

When I reached out to her earlier this year to see if there might be a way to partner in 2020 for children's cancer research - she was all in, and immediately sent out FIVE amazing headbands to help us raise funds for St. Baldrick's.


Want to join in? Our Headbands of Hope fundraiser is going on NOW, March 12-13th!

Just want to DONATE to fight kid's cancer? You can do that here!


What is #HeadbandsOfHope? They're an INCREDIBLE company that follows the 1-for-1 giving model. For every headband purchased, a child battling cancer (and now a child battling any illness) will have a headband donated to them.

Why are headbands important? These headbands help kids, in particular little girls who have lost their hair to treatment. Often times these little girls don't want to wear wigs or baseball caps, but they're still looking for a way to still feel confident and beautiful during such a difficult time. And a headband does just that!

Why I love Headbands of Hope: Besides all the good they do for kid's battling cancer and other illnesses, I also love Headbands of Hope because of how COMFORTABLE they are! I struggle with wearing headbands and things on my head - no matter how long or short my hair is - as they always seem 'too this' or 'too that'. Inevitably, I always seem to get a headache from them. Headbands of Hope are PERFECT, super comfy, amazingly stylish (there's really one for every occasion!) and the only headbands I wear!

Also, I cannot recommend Jess's book enough, so if you're in need of a great read or a super dose of optimism -- look no further! Get Chasing the Bright Side here.

Thanks to Jess & the Headbands of Hope team for making this fundraiser possible!

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