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You Know What to Do.

It’s coming up on TWO YEARS since we’ve been on a St. Baldrick's Foundation stage. Two years since the sounds of bagpipes filled the air, and our brave warriors walked in to be the heroes who buzzed the first heads bald. Two years since we’ve been here, together — going bald for Children’s Cancer Research.

Last year, when the world stopped — so, too, did fundraising.

It came to a screeching, painful halt.

And, so, yeah. While we mourned and grieved our “normal” lives — and literal lives lost (my Pop Pop, who we lost to COVID in May of last year, can be seen in this video as I had flown him & my grandma down to see my mom go bald in 2019) — #StBaldricks teams around the globe also grieved what we knew was going to happen to the life-saving research these kids so desperately needed.

2020 was tough — for all of us. But...kid’s didn’t stop getting cancer because a pandemic hit. And there is now a MASSIVE gap in fundraising.

So. Imagine having to endure all that 2020 brought, only to find out your child also has the middle of that pandemic.

And imagine the research that is saving lives — took a hit, too — because the money wasn’t there.

And imagine it’s STILL happening every 2 minutes around the globe — “Your child has cancer.”

So, I get it. It was a tough year. But...I know we’re tougher. And I know we’re tougher TOGETHER...because I’ve seen what we’ve done these past few years.

I didn’t raise over $65k without you. Our team didn’t raise over $100k without you.

We did that TOGETHER.

These kids need us now more than ever. And Team Live Out Loud has our eyes on the future. Here’s to hoping you’ll join us again.

You know what to do:

Video by: Sean Moody Music by: Give It All Up For You, by Origio via Splice App

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