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My 10th Year with St. Baldrick's: 10 #Flashback Facts

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I cannot believe that 2020 = 10 YEARS of volunteering with the St. Baldrick's Foundation and my 3rd year going BALD. 🥰

THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed -- from time, talent, and shares to $5, $10, $50 and beyond. I could not have done this without your support!

Here's 10 #Flashback Facts about the past 10 years:

🦋 The first two years I volunteered my time as lead photographer for St. Baldrick's Brevard. At the end of that 2nd year – I made a promise to go bald, "The event after I'm married." {Sean and I weren't even dating yet} 😉

🦋 In 2013, Team #LiveOutLoud was created in memory of Kellie. We had been looking for a way to honor her memory – and #StBaldricks was perfect. 💜

🦋 While Kellie did not pass away from pediatric cancer, we never knew what took her – which 'opened up the doors' for us to give back in nearly any way. Most of my family's fundraising has benefited children and families in need.

🦋 Dad and Sean were the first two to sign up to go bald in 2013. I raised just $600 that year, with the team collectively raising $3,156.

🦋 I would be the lead photographer for St. Baldrick's Brevard for 7 years, being named a Knight of the Bald Table in 2017. That same year, Sean and I were engaged.

🦋 In 2018, it was all about #GetMarried #GoBald – we said, "I do" at Captain Hiram's on 3/22/18.

🦋 Two days later, 19" of long, purple hair was shaved off my head and nearly $27,000 was raised for #ChildrensCancerResearch.

🦋 I was a Global Top 30 Fundraiser for St. Baldrick's in 2018.

🦋 I've been a Top Fundraiser in 2018 and 2019, and Team Live Out Loud has been a Top Fundraising Team both years.

🦋 And, we're not stopping any time soon as we look forward to 'three-peating' in 2020.

It is WILD to think that this 'small, but mighty' team is approaching $100,000 raised for crucial, life-saving kid's cancer research! I like to think that we're PROOF that caring a lot and giving what you can – adds up.

Did you know?

🦋 Every TWO MINUTES a child is diagnosed with cancer. All day, EVERY day.

🦋 The St. Baldrick's Foundation is the second largest private funder of pediatric cancer research – second to the US Government, who only gives 4% – which is NOTHING.

🦋 St. Baldrick's helps to fill the gap, and get these kids the support they need!

Find out more about St. Baldrick's FINANCIALS and see the IMPACT.


I've done a lot of amazing things in my life – but, being Team Live Out Loud's Captain has, easily, been the most rewarding.

2020 marks St. Baldrick's 20th year – my 10th year volunteering (I'll be named a Knight Commander of the Bald Table this year!) and my 3rd year going bald – the #20 was also Kellie's basketball number that holds a huge significance to my family. So, here's to bigger – better – balder – here's to 2020. 🍀🎗🦋 #AllForTheKids

Help us fight #KidsCancer by continuing to fund crucial, life-saving research!

We cannot do this without YOU!


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