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The 7 Biggest Moments during Team Live Out Loud's 7th Year of St. Baldrick's

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

1. KNIGHTED! When I said I wanted to start a St. Baldrick's team in Kellie's Memory in 2013 - Dad and Sean were the very first dudes to sign up as shavees.

They've been going bald every March ever since and now SEVEN YEARS later join me in the League of Legendary Heroes as Knights of the Bald Table!

2. Momma Shim goes BALD and those 26" of LONG Curly Hair raised over $3,000 for children's cancer research!! 😱 I don't think any of us really believed her when she said she wanted to go bald after #GetMarried #GoBald happened in 2018 - but a little over a year later? Mom is now bald too!

3. Our cousin JR comes down from New Jersey to FINALLY Shave with us - raising over $1500 for his head of hair! One of the BEST parts of our 2019 shave was have our family from New Jersey here to celebrate with us. JR has wanted to shave with us for YEARS - and I'm so happy we finally got to make that a reality.

AND...there's talk of a family reunion in 2020 because everyone had such a blast at Captain Hiram's!

4. Michael (the incredible stylist) and Donovan (the surprise shavee of 2018) RETURN to shave - raising over $1500 and $1700 respectively for their incredible heads of hair! As a third year shavee, Michael was made a Squire of the Bald Table. Great job, guys!!

5. Scotty's Back! As one of Kellie's best friends, he became a brother to us in the years that followed. He quickly joined Team Live Out Loud in our very 1st year and in 2019 completed his second shave with his incredible family joining in on the fun this year! If anything might make St. Baldrick's weekend better - it's dancing with Ellie to the live music at Hiram's!

6. Stef says she WILL shave - but not this year, and not next. Which is cool because it gives us more time to plan. 😉 For now she'll be the lone person with hair in our family.🤣 Annnnd this might have to be our Christmas card for 2019.

7. Best Hair Day Ever? You're darn right it is! My 9th year as a St. Baldrick's volunteer (and second as a shavee) was more incredible than I ever could've dreamed. It wasn't easy, but every second was so incredibly worth it as we hoped off stage, Top Fundraising Team and Top Fundraiser of 2019 -- KNOWING we did EVERYTHING we possibly could for these kids. It's crazy to look back on all those years ago when we see how far we've come in raising awareness within our networks, and getting those networks to MOVE.

Here's to YEAR TEN in 2020!

“Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein

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