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Just Wait.

I left our 2012 St. Baldrick's event having made a promise. It was a promise I shared with Sean a few days later as I still sat high on Cloud 9 of another successful St. Baldricks — it was just my 2nd. But I could've told you even after my first that, some day, I'd go bald for children's cancer research.

Sean's immediate reaction was, “You’re going to rock that.”

I really didn't know if I would or wouldn't.

Team Live Out Loud didn’t even exist. We weren’t even dating. What girl cuts off all her hair — wait, SHAVES off all her hair — nearly on a whim? I'm sure most people thought I was full of it. That it was one of those things you say you're going to do, but then...never get around to actually doing.

Perhaps they forgot who they were dealing with. He was never that person.

In that same moment, he told me that he had almost driven across the state to surprise me and shave a few days prior, knowing how much St. Baldrick's and these kids meant to me. I knew in that second that I loved him...

If you want my fundraising advice — it’s to never stop.

NEVER stop talking about it. NEVER stop asking people to help you. NEVER stop reaching for the moon for these kids - worst that'll happen is you'll land among the stars.

If you want my relationship advice — it’s to wait.

Wait for the guy who’s going to remind you of what a superhero you are, especially when you forget. Because there'll be SO.MANY. moments where you forget.

Wait for the guy who’s going to come home from work and sit down beside you to help plan fundraising events - who will almost always be brainstorming new events right alongside you.

Wait for the guy who’s not only going to dream about all the big, crazy things life will bring on your one year wedding anniversary — but who, in the middle of Universal Orlando over a celebratory cocktail, also spends just a few minutes carving out a plan for the St. Baldrick's event that’s still 12 months away.

Just wait.

He say it's all me — but I know none of this happens without him.

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