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The Extra Candle.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

It's the one thing that so many complain about...that extra little candle. The one that makes you older. They forget that it's a gift, not a guarantee.

They forget that "older" makes you wiser, stronger, better.

So they complain.

Forgetting that there are many who would've given everything for one more candle.

28 years ago today...I became a big sister. It's the first job I ever had; it's the BEST job I ever had. It's been 10 Birthdays since I've seen her now. And I am telling someone who has seen death, and KNOWS life...CELEBRATE that extra candle.

Happy Birthday, Kellie. We know there was the biggest of celebrations in Heaven today. And thank you to everyone who sent so much love to us today. We would never be "us" without each and every one of you. #LiveOutLoud

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