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She Would've Been 30 Today.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

She would've been 30 today.

I don't remember the day my world changed & she made me a big sister, but I was only I think that's fair. Through years of bickering and fighting, making messes and evading chores, playing dress up and then actually having to dress up...the 18 years I had with her here will never be lost on me.

I carry them with me daily; they are the moments that keep me going. I carry her in my heart; she is the light push down every path I've taken.

And when the world's gone mad - she's still right there beside me, as she always was growing up. Reminding me, most of all, of the childhood we had & the life she's left me to live. Reminding me, most of all, to break the rules and live out loud.

I hope I'm making this kid proud. Happy Birthday, Sissy.

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