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Pixie Power

Written May 31, 2018

Chili’s had messed up my dinner order. Exhausted. Frustrated. I drove back up to get it fixed — on the way out, I still wasn't fully 'recovered' from the annoyance.

Still, I noticed a grandmother with her two young granddaughters walking towards the restaurant. The older one was up ahead, while Grandma was talking to her younger grand-daughter. They were holding hands.

Then, all of a sudden, Grandma looked up at me and shouted, “Ohmygoodness! YOUR HAIR!!” her eyes were wide with wonder, “IT’S BEAUTIFUL!! So beautiful!!”

I had been feeling messy, disheveled.

Still, I thanked her and noticed my smile was back — it only grew as I walked by and heard her ask the younger granddaughter, “Wasn’t her hair beautiful?” The little girl shook her head in agreement.

Typically, the color catches people's eyes.

The color is what brings on the compliments, opens the doors for conversation.

That's when I heard the Grandma continue, “You don’t need long hair to be beautiful...” 😭😍

I got back into my car with my faded purple buzz cut, no makeup, in an old pair of black yoga pants (with a stain on them from breakfast...because, me) and a black tank top, on my way to eat too much cheese for the second night in a row. 🤣

"You don't need long hair to be beautiful."

I wish more people knew that.

It all happened so fast, that I didn’t even get to share WHY my hair is the way that it is...something tells me Grandma would’ve loved that too. 🍀

Want to help me fight kid's cancer? 2020 in my 10th year with St. Baldrick's and my 3rd year going bald - donate now or learn more here.

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