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The First in a Long Time...

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

A long, long time ago...I started a blog.

In fact, the first blog I ever started was fresh out of high school after I missed writing my Dave Barry-esque column, Casie's Life for the high school newspaper. The world was fresh with possibilities, and LiveJournal was all the rage.

That was in 2001.

Photos by Nate Robinson

The next blog I started wouldn't be until 2008, when I started my photography business. That blog went on to live a solid six years, before it went quiet - after I silently retired from the business of photography. Occasionally, I would try to bring it back to life in various forms...only to find I was always short on time.

Isn't that the one thing we always want more of? Time.

And then, last year, the month before we were to get married (re: life was at an all-time high on the chaos scale) that blog disappeared. Not by my own doing, mind you. But just one of those beautifully, brilliantly, horrifically technology-be-damned sort of things.

Ten years of work and memories and photos...gone.

I panicked. I cried - a lot. I was able to save 45 posts.

I'm lucky I have those 45.

So, that's what will appear on THIS blog to on those should've-been-lost-but-weren't posts. Some from just a few months prior to the death of that blog...some from a decade ago.

What will I be writing about?

In short, everything.

I know most people professionally will (and have) told me that's a recipe for self-destruction. I get the reasons why. I get why being "one thing" to be people is important.

But, here's the thing -- this website and this blog is who I am. It's the complete Casie - not just a piece, not just the one thing you're curious about. It's the full package, the real deal.

So, yes. You'll see stories about Kellie here. About Living Out Loud, Silver Linings, Living with Grief, and how we've come this far 15 years later.

You'll see stories on our dedication to the St. Baldrick's Foundation. On years past, on years to come. On our goal of raising $100k by 2020 to fund crucial, life-saving research for children battling pediatric cancers. You'll learn WHY that's important. You'll learn HOW we fund-raise and all the work that goes into pulling off a successful year - each & every year - for these kids.

You will see stories about our pups, Kimbee & Kenobi - although, most of their posts will be on the Pawsitive Pointers blog. 😉

You'll likely also get some travel posts, photography posts, and you'll see how that all ties into who I am and what I do.

This way you'll truly get a glimpse into - well, Casie's Life.

This is just the beginning...

Seeeeriously go check out Nate Robinson Photography!

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