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Superpowers + Silver Linings

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

I can't fly. Lasers don't shoot out of my eyes. I can't control the weather or your mind. I have no unusual muscular strength. I sometimes walk fast, but that's because I'm from New Jersey and if you don''ll get run over. 😉 But beyond that survival skill...I'm not even remotely fast.

None of that matters...I still like to think of myself as a superhero.

I have the power to decide, every single morning, what that day starts out as. And I have the power to choose happiness, and love, and acceptance. I get to decide on my response, my reactions, MY ACTIONS, and the people around me...always. I have a voice and even though some may see me as quiet and maybe even 'detached' -- one of my strongest superpowers is that I'm constantly absorbing every.single.thing that is happening around me (that's both a blessing and a curse) -- and I will slay you with words if I ever need to. I am kind. I am patient. I am compassionate.

Don't mistake those things as weakness.

I once asked Sean what he thought my superpower was as I day dreamed about having photographic eyes and permanently X-Men mutated purple hair...and without hesitation he said, "You can see the big picture. You know the details...but you can see out to the horizon. You consider everyone, and everything along the way."

And that stuck with me. That's a pretty damn good superpower.

I have not perfected life, I don't think I'm meant to. Some days I think I'm getting better at it. Others...have me wondering how I made it this far. Because...really, how does a 30+ year old woman walk around her community with toothpaste on her shirt and NOT REALIZE THAT until dinner...but, I digress. We all have our kryptonites.

What I can tell you is the years beyond the first morning without Kellie what I think I have perfected is the art of searching - and nearly demanding - a silver lining out of every.single.situation.

I think this is one of my superpowers too. There is power and hope in being able to look at the worst in life and find that one shining ray that refuses to die.

It might be pretty weak. It might not be so obvious. Maybe I'm the only one who can even see it. Maybe it takes time to fully surface...but...they're there. More often than not...they are there.

And those Silver Linings will keep you going.

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