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98 Days | Family

I am not just voting for Joe Biden because "he is our only hope" - or because I would sooner vote for a blade of grass over the incumbent. I have MANY reasons why I like Joe that stem from the countless hours of research I've done on him.

And, while I don't expect most of you to watch this 37 minute video that showcases what I feel a good, honest, humble man Biden is -- a video that made me both laugh and cry -- the moment that made me feel compelled to share why I am PROUDLY voting for Biden is at minute 21.

I *know* families like this.

Joe Biden: "The Secret Service can tell you that Beau and Hunt and Ashley continue to have to coral me. Like when we were at one of the national parks and I was climbing to the top of a bridge to jump off the bridge with a bunch of young kids and I hear my sons yelling, 'DAD! GET DOWN! NOW!' And I just started laughing so hard I couldn't stop...and I said, 'I was just going to do a flip off here...' 'DAD! THE SECRET SERVICE DOESN'T WANT YOU UP THERE! LOOK AT ME DAD!' So, y'know...we've never figured out who the father is in this family..."

It's no secret, I COME FROM a family like this...

In the next 98 days, I will continue to share why this man, Vice President Joe Biden, has my vote to be our 46th president. The more I learned about him and saw from him - I realized I was proud and excited to be voting for him.

And, for me, a big part of that was the fact that I see my family...in his family.

DISCLAIMER TIME: I will not argue with you. I am not trying to change any minds. For most, I realize I can't. I am simply sharing what is important to me - and things I am excited about.

If you're on the fence, struggling with how you voted in 2016, or want to chat through what I've read / learned / researched, etc. (and I do read news from just about every credible source I can find) or perhaps want to learn why I'm proud to vote for Joe -- I'm more than happy to have those CONVERSATIONS with no judgement.

I'm an Independent (no matter what my registration currently says). I've voted for "both sides." I'm not an expert, not even close, but I've been told I've got a good head on my shoulders and I like to think that I see the "big picture" and get a pretty good read off most people.

I actually hate arguments, confrontations, debates and really....politics. But what I hate even more is being silent on the things that matter. And this matters to me.

Also, I won't stand for blatant attacks. Difference of opinion is one thing, being a hateful troll is another, attacking your fellow human beings and Americans is yet another -- and I have zero tolerance for assholes. Don't care who ya are, you'll get the swift boot - no matter which 'side' you're on. So if you think there's even a chance your comment falls into that category?

Y'best keep scrollin'...

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