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97 Days | Grief

Joe Biden and I share the same super power: GRIEF.

Joe lost his wife and infant daughter in 1972, shortly after being elected one of the youngest US Senators, in a tragic car accident. Beau (age 4) and Hunter (3) were also in this accident and hospitalized with injuries.

In 2015, his oldest son, Beau, would later die from brain cancer at age 46.

I don't have to tell you that I *KNOW* the super power grief is. It is what made me who I am today. I'd like to think I was a passionate kid before 2004 - but I know, without a doubt, without the loss of my sister - I wouldn't be the force I know I am today.

If you haven't lost someone you love yet - consider yourself lucky. But I'd argue we're all grieving the loss of what we deemed 'normal' and 'safe' in this very moment.

Grief impacts everyone differently, but is shattering none the less. It causes you to stumble and fall apart and question everything you once knew to be true. But, it also makes you grow...and become stronger. It shows you darkness, but it also shows you the beauty of resilience.

Most of all, it makes you empathetic as hell. (Yet another super power.)

Delaware Senator Chris Coons said, “Joe Biden has almost a superpower in his ability to comfort and listen and connect with people who have just suffered the greatest loss of their lives.”

Grief is a super power. America, now more than ever, needs someone who KNOWS and understands grief, how to heal, and how to bring the shattered pieces together again.

And...that "there's no distance parents won't go for their kids."

Joe Biden has been here before.

That is why I am proud to be voting for him.

I think this 1 minute video will speak to many.

I linked to this article earlier in my post, but, feel so strongly that EVERYONE should read it -- I'll link to it again. Here's an exerpt:

The grief experts I talked to nonetheless called Biden a stalwart example of something they call “post-traumatic growth.”
“What post-traumatic growth becomes over time is a pathway to resilience,” said Tedeschi, the UNCC psychologist. “That’s what post-traumatic growth does for people. It allows them to have a system of belief and understanding of living life that equips them for the traumas that may lie ahead.”
Ultimately, grief experts explain, it even can be fortifying.
Even liberating.

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