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  • Casie Shimansky

72 Days | Children

I do not have children.* But if I did, if we do — THIS is the type of man — of human — I would want them to have as a leader and role model. Someone who GENUINELY cares about them, and how we prepare the future FOR THEM.

It is about THEM, after all - the future - not us.

What county - what world - do you want for kids and grandchildren? What kind of human do you want to lead them? My choice is for the candidate with true character, ACTUAL PLANS, and TRUE LEADERSHIP.

The guy who almost immediately tells a young boy with a stutter, “Hey, let me give you a call and we’ll work through this together.”

Joe Biden often and regularly gives out his personal phone number and connects with grieving parents or children who stutter (something he, himself, overcame), etc. — and he FOLLOWS THROUGH in being there for them, alongside them.

THAT is a beautiful, unheard of thing in MOST people — let alone politicians. That one fact alone has me so proud to give him my vote.

Here’s to reclaiming humanity in November.

And, y'know what? This teen, Brayden Harrington met Joe a few months before he spoke at the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION -- a feat most adults couldn't pull off on their most confident day -- and Brayden did a brilliant job.

* TLDR on kids: If Biden/Harris get elected I’d kick open that door. If the current administration gets re-elected? I’d lock that shit up and throw away the key.

Extended Cut: I’ll say this about that, no matter what others assume or think, we haven’t taken kids off the table. I understand that, at 37, some of y’all hear a ticking clock on my uterus. And my uterus appreciates your concern although it’s massively none of your business. But since we’re here, currently, the hold up would be *waves hands wildly around* all.this.fuckery.

I still struggle DEEPLY with giving life to a child who may not have even an inhabitable planet to live on and who would inherit a country so unrecognizable, so broken, so destroyed by hate...I can’t in good faith say, “Hey, kid. Congrats on life. Here’s the shit storm we’re gifting you. We tried. But failed. Good luck fixing it.”

That may seen extreme & ridiculous to some. But what about these times hasn’t been extreme, ridiculous, and completely preventable had we had real, true leadership - experts - and humans of decency and dignity and heart in the White House?

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