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  • Casie Shimansky

67 Days | Better Than This

180,000 Americans dead -- including my grandfather, a proud Marine, who fought for this country -- and 1,000 more dying DAILY.

We have currently lived *60* -- SIXTY -- 9/11s since March. And every 3 days or so, we live yet another. If that doesn't crush your soul, I honestly don't know what will.

And, yet. THIS is what our current president thinks is okay in this time, in this moment.

No plans. No respect for science or experts. No social distancing. Very few masks. At OUR HOUSE, on OUR LAWN. So his ego can be stoked. So HE can feel good about HIMSELF. While he spews lie after lie. While he begs you to look the other way. While the world watches. (A world, mind you, that has mostly figured out how to protect their people from COVID.)

Our economy in ruins. Unemployment through this roof. Thousands of families altered forever. The American dream dangles by a thread. 180,000 Americans dead. COVID still rages.

He takes NO responsibility. He lies, belittles, and makes a mockery of our democracy.

Many from the older generations may know him from his television show 'The Apprentice' -- history will attribute him more correctly to the reality of Fear Factor.

So, you can keep your politics, America. This is about far more than elephants and donkeys. It goes far deeper than any policy or issue we could possibly disagree on. (and I still hold true that we likely agree on much more than we disagree on, that we're all 'somewhere in the middle')

But, I digress.

THIS is NOT the America I was told we were - NOT the America I *KNOW* we are.

There is NO 'Law & Order' here.

There is no patriotism here.

No compassion. No empathy. No concern.

The memory of 180,000+ Americans lives deserve better than the entertainment stunts pulled this week during the Republican National Convention. WE deserve better than this.

#Vote. VOTE. V-O-T-E.

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