On Saturday, March 18th at The Avenue Viera in Melbourne, Florida…

Once, again…

with The. St. Baldrick’s Foundation

We Fought Kid’s Cancer.

What’s the PERK of being on Team Live Out Loud?

Well, your Captain is also the event photographer…

so YOU get your pictures FIRST! 😉


Check out the guys of Team Live Out Loud


Returning for his SECOND Shave, Jesse Blunt!

Live Out Loud Newbie – Rick Riley!

Little Scott decided to join his dad, Nick (and the team) last minute…and totally stole the show. 😉 He’s our youngest Team Live Out Loud’er EVER!

Nick Cope, shavin’ for the FIRST TIME EVER!

👆 Like Father…Like Son? 😂

Returning for his FIFTH YEAR as a Shavee with NINE months of red curls — Sean Moody!

Christie is Rick’s Wife — AND has been shavin’ Sean’s head for FIVE YEARS.

She might be a barber, but she’s also one of us! 😉

Goodbye Curls, Goodbye! 👋



I am SO PROUD of what this team has accomplished.

This year we were able to raise $5,000+ for Children’s Cancer Research.

DOUBLING our Original Goal of $2,500…


In Five Years, Team Live Out Loud has Raised OVER $27,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation!! 😍

Lovin’ those BALD Heads!

As some of you may know, my dad was too sick to join us on March 18th in Viera — but when he was feeling better later that week we did a VIRTUAL SHAVE in our backyard…St. Baldrick’s? Welcome to Winter Springs, FL. 😉

Stefanie was our Barber — as dad’s hair had been growing out for MONTHS too…there was (surprisingly) a TON of it! 😜

Team Live Out Loud’s $1000+

Fundraiser Club! 🎉

Want to help us fight Kid’s Cancer?

Donate to The. St. Baldrick’s Foundation!


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