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Every year, we look forward to “St. Baldrick’s Weekend” — it’s a weekend we get to honor some brave little warriors in the fight against pediatric cancer, remember those we lost way too soon and whose names are forever etched into our hearts, and come together a a community, as friends, as family to let the world know that we will NEVER stop fighting for these kids — for better, safer treatments — and, most of all, a cure.

This year’s St. Baldrick’s event at The Avenue Viera was held on Saturday, March 18th.

This event has raised over $266,500 to date and was the year that put us over $1.5 MILLION raised to conquer kid’s cancers.


I captured over 2600 photos in just a few hours — with 800 images comin’ your way SOON all finalized & pretty — but, for now (and because I know Ellen will keep asking me until I give her SOMETHING 😉) — here’s just a FEW of my favorites from the day.

PS: Grab a massive cup of coffee and a snickers…because, y’all gave me a TON to capture…so…there’s A LOT of favorites. 💚🍀

Our Honored Kids

Maesen shares her story and why RESEARCH is so important for kids with cancer.

Honored Kid, Princeton was also an official St. Baldrick’s Ambassador for 2017 — there are only 5 ambassadors chosen worldwide!! 💚🍀

The First Round of SHAVING

is about to start!

Julie is one of our Honored Kids, Gwen is one of her best friends.

These moments…there’s not a dry eye out there. 💚🍀

💚 Great job, Gwen!! 💚

Watching & Shaving – The Campanaros are up next! 💚🍀

The Shaving Continues!

That “I just went BALD” Feeling…

Mr. Cannonball is up next!

Logan’s friend is ready to #BraveTheShave!


If you’re not cheering loud enough? Cyndi will fix that.😜

Even the Cat went BALD!

(kidding, kidding. The Cat was already like this when he arrived.) 😜

FOURTH YEAR, Shavee! 💚🍀

I call this one….”About What I Expect from These Two…” 💚🍀

After Volunteer Event Organizer, Garrett Lamp went BALD — he and Princeton started dancing!

Another Successful SHAVE! 💚🍀

Going BALD…it’s a FAMILY Thing.

Now Entering the stage – Brevard’s Bravest!

Some of my favorite Shavees (and fellow KNIGHTS!)

Who needs eyebrows anyway?

Even the fur-kids got involved. 😉

A few more KNIGHTS of the BALD Table gettin’ shaved up!

(When you volunteer w/ St. Baldrick’s for 7 years — you get knighted!)

Awards Ceremony

Our Top Fundraisers!

THANK YOU to everyone on the Space Coast for making this ANOTHER successful event — whether you volunteered, shaved, showed up, donated online, or helped us spread the world by sharing throughout social media — THIS is NOT possible without YOU! 💚🍀


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Want to join us? GET INVOLVED & Find a head shaving event near you!

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