Since we’ll be in Boston cheering on Kimbee’s Aunt Stef on the 17th during the BOSTON MARATHON – I wanted to celebrate her Got’cha Day a little before… 💜

I don’t find it coincidental in the least that just one day after April 10th, after months of looking – I saw this girl’s face for the first time. She popped up on Facebook, and – immediately – I responded. If I had learned anything from our months of searching – first comment/email gets the pup. I then raced downstairs to show Sean her picture, and he agreed that she sounded perfect.

A few days later, on April 17th, after a weekend at Disney, we brought her home.

We had been in line for a couple other pups. One that I thought might really be ‘the one’ because he was a dedicated butterfly chaser. I thought that was as good a sign as any. But he went to another family. I was half happy about that though because I didn’t really want a boy, and I had truly wanted the darker liver and tick GSP look that was similar to Mocha’s – the GSP I had grown up with.

After hearing “no” quite a lot – and even considering going to Texas to bring home a GSP from the TSA – I was at the point where I thought we might have to think about rescuing a different breed because all I kept hearing was how high energy they were (we knew), how they required a fenced in yard (they could scale fences if they want – if not hop right over them, sooo…what they really need is supervision 😜), all the exercise in the world (we thought that’d be good for us too), how maybe a GSP wasn’t the “best fit” for us (we didn’t agree) — all things we had, obviously, considered.

I won’t lie, there were times it was disheartening and frustrating. But, I’d also be lying if I didn’t say all those times we heard “No” weren’t worth it (as the word “No” often is) – because that led to April 11th and, finally, to this girl.

And, in the past year, I’d kinda like to think we’ve proved all those people wrong.

Yes, she’s a calm GSP – which helps her to live the Townhome Life. But, don’t let that fool you, either. It’s been A LOT of hard work getting her to where she’s at!

Since May, it’s been a year of weekly classes at Pawfection — and every day we train at home too.

If she misses a walk, the possibility of her being a monster later increases.

Some times she tears through the house and I think, “Well, there it goes – everything. Gone.”

In the morning, we usually have to FAKE SLEEP…because if she sees our eyes even flutter? It’s on. The day must get started. Not to mention the times she puts her snoot RIGHT up in your face…at 3am, y’know…just to see if you’re awake.

And, yes, there are days where we get on each other’s nerves because, like, “WTF, why are you eating our clothes?!” And, also, she is now a teenager…to which, I legitimately do NOT know how people survive the teenage years with humans…because with dogs…it’s brutal. And we don’t even have to WORRY about her curfew. She more or less keeps us inline there. 😂

And, sometimes, all of this makes her a royal pain in the ass.

But she’s our pain in the ass. So, I think we’ll keep her. 🙃

I love that Kimbee is amazing enough to travel at our sides – always, because of the separation anxiety that’s got her like whoa. But, from our parents homes to Home Depot to St. Augustine – she’s amazing, and we always get compliments on how good she is.

I love that she’s calm and sweet enough to have started Therapy Dog Training, and I love how FAR she has come in ALL her training, even though some days she still makes me 😶.

I love that even though she was just dead asleep down the hall, as I bit into a strawberry…she somehow heard that and came running thinking it was something for her.

I love that we wanted a cuddly dog, and she is sooooo far from cuddly. Unless you consider a paw to your eye like a torpedo “cuddly”…

I love that she’s still pretty unsure of water (even though she earned her nickname “Tidal Wave” with how she drinks from her water bowl), that we oddly share the same issues with seasonal allergies, and that she seems to know – most of all – when we need her.

I love how she loves her people, from itty bitty babies to older folks.

I love that we get to be her people. 💜

Happy 1st Got’cha Day, Kimbee! Here’s to a lifetime of memories. 🐶

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