St. Baldricks

In 2011 I started volunteering with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for Children’s Cancer Research. It has changed my life forever. Here are those stories.

St. Baldricks

St. Baldrick’s 2017

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Every year, we look forward to “St. Baldrick’s Weekend” — it’s a weekend we get to honor some brave little warriors in the fight against pediatric cancer, remember those we lost way too soon and whose names are forever etched into our hearts, and come together a a community, as friends, as family to let the world know that we will NEVER stop fighting for these kids — for better, safer treatments — and, most of all, a cure.

This year’s St. Baldrick’s event at The Avenue Viera was held on Saturday, March 18th.

This event has raised over $266,500 to date and was the year that put us over $1.5 MILLION raised to conquer kid’s cancers.


I captured over 2600 photos in just a few hours — with 800 images comin’ your way SOON all finalized & pretty — but, for now (and because I know Ellen will keep asking me until I give her SOMETHING 😉) — here’s just a FEW of my favorites from the day.

PS: Grab a massive cup of coffee and a snickers…because, y’all gave me a TON to capture…so…there’s A LOT of favorites. 💚🍀

Our Honored Kids

Maesen shares her story and why RESEARCH is so important for kids with cancer.

Honored Kid, Princeton was also an official St. Baldrick’s Ambassador for 2017 — there are only 5 ambassadors chosen worldwide!! 💚🍀

The First Round of SHAVING

is about to start!

Julie is one of our Honored Kids, Gwen is one of her best friends.

These moments…there’s not a dry eye out there. 💚🍀

💚 Great job, Gwen!! 💚

Watching & Shaving – The Campanaros are up next! 💚🍀

The Shaving Continues!

That “I just went BALD” Feeling…

Mr. Cannonball is up next!

Logan’s friend is ready to #BraveTheShave!


If you’re not cheering loud enough? Cyndi will fix that.😜

Even the Cat went BALD!

(kidding, kidding. The Cat was already like this when he arrived.) 😜

FOURTH YEAR, Shavee! 💚🍀

I call this one….”About What I Expect from These Two…” 💚🍀

After Volunteer Event Organizer, Garrett Lamp went BALD — he and Princeton started dancing!

Another Successful SHAVE! 💚🍀

Going BALD…it’s a FAMILY Thing.

Now Entering the stage – Brevard’s Bravest!

Some of my favorite Shavees (and fellow KNIGHTS!)

Who needs eyebrows anyway?

Even the fur-kids got involved. 😉

A few more KNIGHTS of the BALD Table gettin’ shaved up!

(When you volunteer w/ St. Baldrick’s for 7 years — you get knighted!)

Awards Ceremony

Our Top Fundraisers!

THANK YOU to everyone on the Space Coast for making this ANOTHER successful event — whether you volunteered, shaved, showed up, donated online, or helped us spread the world by sharing throughout social media — THIS is NOT possible without YOU! 💚🍀


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Want to join us? GET INVOLVED & Find a head shaving event near you!

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St. Baldricks

Knighted – 7 Years of St. Baldrick’s


The St. Baldrick’s Foundation honors volunteers and shaves who dedicate years of service to fighting kid’s cancer as part of their League of Legends.  This year on the Space Coast many of us celebrated SEVEN Years as we’ve been together in Melbourne, Florida since the very first event in 2011.  And when you reach SEVEN years with St. Baldrick’s — YOU.GET.KNIGHTED.

Let me introduce you to the Space Coast’s #Club7

Dubbed Official KNIGHTS of the BALD table by UCF’s KNIGHTRO!

Where would we be without our fearless leader, Garrett?

Brevard’s KNIGHTS of the BALD Table

Next Stop: Knight Commanders – 10 years with St. Baldrick’s!

Want to JOIN US? 💜🍀

Make 2018 your FIRST year of St. Baldrick’s!


PS: Thanks to the guy behind the camera – Sean! – for stepping in while I was up on stage. 😉

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St. Baldrick’s 2017 (Posting TOMORROW!)

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St. Baldricks

Team Live Out Loud – 2017


On Saturday, March 18th at The Avenue Viera in Melbourne, Florida…

Once, again…

with The. St. Baldrick’s Foundation

We Fought Kid’s Cancer.

What’s the PERK of being on Team Live Out Loud?

Well, your Captain is also the event photographer…

so YOU get your pictures FIRST! 😉


Check out the guys of Team Live Out Loud


Returning for his SECOND Shave, Jesse Blunt!

Live Out Loud Newbie – Rick Riley!

Little Scott decided to join his dad, Nick (and the team) last minute…and totally stole the show. 😉 He’s our youngest Team Live Out Loud’er EVER!

Nick Cope, shavin’ for the FIRST TIME EVER!

👆 Like Father…Like Son? 😂

Returning for his FIFTH YEAR as a Shavee with NINE months of red curls — Sean Moody!

Christie is Rick’s Wife — AND has been shavin’ Sean’s head for FIVE YEARS.

She might be a barber, but she’s also one of us! 😉

Goodbye Curls, Goodbye! 👋



I am SO PROUD of what this team has accomplished.

This year we were able to raise $5,000+ for Children’s Cancer Research.

DOUBLING our Original Goal of $2,500…


In Five Years, Team Live Out Loud has Raised OVER $27,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation!! 😍

Lovin’ those BALD Heads!

As some of you may know, my dad was too sick to join us on March 18th in Viera — but when he was feeling better later that week we did a VIRTUAL SHAVE in our backyard…St. Baldrick’s? Welcome to Winter Springs, FL. 😉

Stefanie was our Barber — as dad’s hair had been growing out for MONTHS too…there was (surprisingly) a TON of it! 😜

Team Live Out Loud’s $1000+

Fundraiser Club! 🎉

Want to help us fight Kid’s Cancer?

Donate to The. St. Baldrick’s Foundation!


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St. Baldrick’s 2017

Knighted – 7 Years of St. Baldrick’s on the Space Coast

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*Favorite Posts*St. Baldricks

Team Live Out Loud – 2013


Welcome Back!

Yesterday’s Blog was ALL about St. Baldrick’s 2013 — and, at the very end…I might’ve mentioned a team that was NOWHERE in site within those images….You thought I forgot them, right? 😉

This year was Team Live Out Loud’s FIRST year — and we were THRILLED to raise a little over $3,000 together.  Which, by the way, ALSO has us setting our goals SUPER high for next year!

As most of you may know…Sean started growing his red, curly locks out waaaay back in October…or was it September?  I can’t even remember.  When all was said and done though?  It was about 6 months worth of hair…and then?  He was bald!

Oh, yeah.  And we kind l-o-v-e  dressing up and stuff.  We’re neat like that. 😉

This was ALSO the first year we were able to bring Headbands of Hope into the mix too — and along with our Girls Day Photo Shoot event back in February, and a few other events here in Orlando throughout March?  I’m PROUD to announce that Headbands of Hope Central Florida has been able to donate 150+ headbands to little girls who are currently fighting cancer, and $150 to The St. Baldrick’s foundation.  And we are NOT stopping here!  So be on the look out for some more incredible ideas from us.

Follow us on Facebook for all the latest + greatest!

One of Team Live Out Loud’s most adorablest little families.  Caden’s parents are photographer buddies of mine (and we’ve known each other…ohhhhh, I dunno, for…like…EVER!) — so, the little dude TOTALLY knows how to turn it on for the cameras!  My kinda kid!

What can we say…we’re a colorful bunch! 😉  My friend Jill dyed Raymond’s hair SPECIFICALLY for St. Baldrick’s — and rumor has it?  He was kind jealous of Sean’s SIX MONTHS worth of hair…so…it’s not going to surprise me in the LEAST if Team Live Out Loud has some hair growing competitions come 2014.

Team Live Out Loud gearing to get all shaved up!

Rich from Spectacle Photo going BALD for Children’s Cancer Research!!

My DAD was even a part of Team Live Out Loud — I can’t even TELL you how incredible it is to have so much support from so many amazing dudes in my life…but, this one?  Right here?  He’s always been my #1 Fan…since the day I was all borned and stuff. 🙂

A last look at those curls…befooooore….

Dudes was COMPLETELY bald!

Check out these Dudes gettin’ shaved up!

My “brother” Scotty called me the DAY BEFORE our event — “I’ve got some extra hair I don’t really need…got anything I can do with it?”

Yuuup.  I sure do!  And in just a few hours?  He had raised $155!

Raymond losing his GREEN locks…I’m sure his wife was quite alright with this. 😉

Dad as we like to call…Balder. 😉

The Bald Rich!

A nearly hairless Scotty. 😛

I don’t know why I don’t have this photo framed yet — but I should, and I will.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE {there’s a wonderful group of behind the scenes ladies who were SUCH a HUGE help in our fundraising efforts too!} who made Team Live Out Loud’s first year so amazingly succesful!

Here’s to a BIGGER, BETTER, and – yes – BALDER 2014!!

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*Favorite Posts*St. Baldricks

St. Baldrick’s 2013 | Children’s Cancer Research


Ohhhh you guys.  YOU.GUYS!  1 — If you’re a participant from our St. Baldricks 2013 Event…I KNOW you have been patiently waiting for THIS.MOMENT. when the Blog is released and the Online Gallery goes LIVE {by the end of the week, my lovelies} — and you guys have been so-so-so incredible GOOD and heart warming to me.  Honestly.  I cannot say enough incredible things about my St. Baldricks Brevard family.  Now, 2 — If you’re “new” here…you need to know just a few things…most of which people pick up on fairly quickly…

I am a Disney Dork.

I am addicted to my Blue Mini Cooper.

I adore my family. friends. the dude. 😉

I’m a Yankees fan by birth, literally. Born while a Yankees game played on TV.

And.  I am passionately – PASSIONATELY – involved with The St. Baldricks Foundation and Headbands of Hope.

At the end of the day?  These are the very fibers of what go into making my heart beat as lively as it does.

And Here and Now, for you all…is why we do what we do.

Each Year we begin our event with a parade for our Honored Kids — Children who are currently fighting various Cancers, or who have beaten Childhood Cancer.  These are some of the most beautiful moments as our kids really shine and celebrate one another, the faces who have come out in support of a cure, and the fight we are all a part of right alongside each of them.

One of our FIRST Shavees this year was the kid’s Oncologist, which they all got a huge kick out of!

Chief Wonder Woman RN – our very own Nurse Marnie – giving her son a huge hug as he comes off the stage!

I bet he’s got a reaaaalllly good answer. 😉


Isn’t that one of the best words in the English Language?!

The Women of St. Baldricks ABSOLUTELY.INSPIRE.ME.

And, yes. It’s True – my promise still stands true : The Event AFTER I get Married?  St. Baldrick’s Brevard gets MY hair and I’ll go COMPLETELY Bald for Children’s Cancer Research.  I’ll let’cha know when we’ve got a date. 😛

Those who have hair long enough?  Can also donate to Locks of Love.

This Little Dude was the LEADING Fundraiser — Not JUST For Kids, but OVERALL!  Holy.Cow!

One of my favorite things about St. Baldricks – Every Year?

The Familiar Faces, of course!

Ben’s Mom went BALD this year too — what a tremendous lady!

Ahm, yes. Absolute Favorite.

You’re smiling right now, aren’t you?  Yup.  You couldn’t help it. 🙂

Even Brothers Go Bald!

Our Honored Kids every year…man, they’re just the best.  There aren’t even any words.  They’re just pure magic.

THIS YEAR — one of our amazing BARBERS, Cyndi even went Bald and this was truly, truly, TRULY one of my favorite moments of the year.  Just…everything about it is EXACTLY why we exist and fight to END Children’s Cancer!

Cyndi giving one of our Honored Little Boys a kiss for good luck.

And as ALL the women are?!  They’re even MORE GORGEOUS Bald.  I promise you – of them – their light just SHINES brightest when they no longer have their hair to hide behind. 🙂

Barbers Cyndi and Missy giving each other some L-O-V-E!

Ugh. THIS.MOMENT — you ladies absolutely make my heart melt!

And then there’s THIS moment…

Yeah. Tears.  That is All.

And as if THAT moment wasn’t incredible enough?  We rolled right into THIS moment — where THREE generations of INCREDIBLE women shaved their gorgeous heads BALD!!

The excited cheers of friends awaited!

Moments that will Live Forever.

Such an INSPIRATION!! What an AWESOME family!

Ohhhhh Familiar Faces. How I love you guys.

Two of my favorite dudes – Greg and Jaxon!

And then Ryan, one of our Honored Kids, took to shaving Garrett’s (our event organizer) locks!

Verrrrrry diligently working…

The Power Team : Garrett and Missy!

Garrett celebrating his Bald head with one of my best little buds – Enzo! You might remember him from his recent session with his twin sister, Larissa and me HERE!

And THIS guy! Here’s a face we’ve been watching since year ONE with St. Baldricks.  Three years ago Reese was our Top Fundraiser, and year after year his infectious smile returns for another summer haircut. 😉

Last Year he even surprised us all when we opened up the St. Baldrick’s marketing material and saw his smiling face! Way to Go, Reese!

Another Incredible St. Baldrick’s Family!

My favorite part of this story?  Not only did she SPONTANEOUSLY decide to go bald — her HUSBAND wouldn’t find out until she went home later that afternoon!!

Seriously?  Our Barbers? Simply the Best!

More gorgeous girls going BALD and donating to Locks of Love!

And the insanely beautiful women of St. Baldrick’s who  keep us all in line and the ship sailing smoothly!  You ladies ROCK!! 😀

Another Epic Moment from our Event – I absolutely LOVE the expressions here!

I have to tell you — I love capturing moments where Shavees are documenting their own journeys.

And moments where Shavees celebrate their beautiful bald heads!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made our event SO.INCREDIBLE. Successful!  To Date St. Baldrick’s Brevard raised nearly $250,000 for our 2013 fundraising efforts.  Thinking of Donating?  You can do so HERE!

This is what it is all about.

This is why we do what we do.

The long hours, the extended evenings, and sometimes stressful moments? They somehow, always, merge perfectly every March…when we get together, and we stand up to fight Children’s Cancer.  Won’t you help us?


And come back tomorrow becaaaause…if you know me? You’re probably wondering what the HECK happened to a *certain* team from ST. Baldrick’s Brevard *cough*liveoutloud*cough* and why any of those incredible dudes weren’t featured here and now. 😉

Until Then – Love with Intention.

And, always. Live Out Loud.

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