Ryan's Mini Adventure

Ryan’s MINI Adventure is a project designed to keep the memory of 3 year old Ryan Marie alive. Red MINI Coopers are sent out by her family, and those who participate take photos of the MINI’s on their journeys. See where Ryan’s MINI and I will go!

Ryan's Mini Adventure

Ryan’s Mini Adventure: NY/NJ

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I know you guys just ADORE Ryan’s Mini Adventure, and it’s been a while since we’ve had our last TRUE Adventure.  But that’s about to change starting with our little trip here!

Ryan Visited my hometown of Nutley, New Jersey!

And she was ever present at the famous Tick Tock Diner off of Route 3!

We took her to Carlo’s Bakery {The Cake Boss} in Hoboken, NJ!

And, of course, to NEW YORK CITY!

Here she is above Times Square!

Truth be Told — I have *dreams* of getting Conan O’Brien or Ellen Degeneres to MEET Lil’ Ryan when I’m in LA next…I know, I know.  BIG Dreams.  But as Ryan’s Mini Cooper says — Little Girls Can Do Big Things! 😉

She also made a friend at the Reese’s Store!

And we, of course, took Ryan to Ground Zero — where One World Trade (aka: The Freedom Tower) is just breaking the skyline’s heights.  It was difficult to be here just days before the 10 year Anniversary of September 11th — but as I clutched Ryan’s Mini in my hand…walking the streets, and visiting this site…seemed easier with her there.

She also got a photo with The Port Authority — where my dad is retired from!

And on my second NYC visit on Thursday — Ryan’s Mini Adventure took part in St. Paul’s Memorial for September 11th.

She ALSO was with me for the wedding I worked in Northern New Jersey.

Here she is with Maggie & Gennady’s Rings! ♥

Annnnnd I dont think I ever showed THESE photos!  eeek!

Andy took these over in New Smyrna Beach, FL back before my new website launched!

Simply Perfect — All my Lil’ Angels. ♥

And I got to meet Ryan’s Mommy, Julie when she was here in Orlando just a few months ago — we had such a GREAT evening chatting about Kellie & Ryan and life in general! ♥

It truly makes me smile to know that Ryan touches all of you the way she drove herself into my lil’ heart around this time last year.  It has been SUCH an honor to be a part of Ryan’s Mini Adventure and to have her with me DAILY.  She will CERTAINLY be coming along with October’s Travels (Virginia, Maryland, DC, and a *day* trip to NYC) and again in November when I’ll be taking on The West Coast.

Thank you ALL for stoppin’ on by — I hope you all have a fantastic and SAFE weekend!  Next week on the blog you’ll be getting some of Maggie’s Boudoir Session AND her and Gennady’s GORGEOUS New Jersey Wedding!

Until Then, Rock on my lil’ lovebugs. ♥


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Ryan's Mini Adventure

Ryan’s Mini Adventure; Auburn

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Ryan’s Mini Adventure came along with us to Auburn, Alabama!

Here’s a look at her Adventures!

At Momma Goldberg’s — where they let you write on the tables.

So I did…

Had to Leave My Stamp…

If you’re in Auburn — You know Momma G’s!

More Ryan’s Mini Adventures to Come — I’m takin’ the lil’ Cooper to UNIVERSAL to Harry Potter Land soon!

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Ryan's Mini Adventure

Ryan’s Mini Adventure; LA!

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I was lucky enough to feel well enough on a couple of days to take Ryan’s MINI on her LA Adventures…here’s a snapshot of the boarding ticket from Vegas to LA! {You know, before I got sicky-sick}

On the Hollywood Walk of Fame…

Grauman’s Chinese Theater & The Pacific Ocean.

Mickey Mouses’s Star & with Shrek!

And Finally at The Hollywood Sign!

It’s been a total joy to have Ryan’s MINI Adventure along on the journey this time around — I was bummed I didnt feel well enough to take her to DisneyLAND, but Im hoping to sneak in a few more Adventures now that we’re back in Florida before she gets to go home & then on another incredible Adventure with another MINI Lover. ♥

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Ryan's Mini Adventure

Ryan’s Mini Adventure; Las Vegas!

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A BIG part of my trip out west has been Ryan’s Mini Adventure — so here, for you now…are Ryan’s Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada.  And don’t worry Ryan’s Momma (or MY Momma either)…we were VERY responsible.  No gambling & in bed early! 😉

On our flight from Orlando to Houston….

Arriving in Houston…

We had a layover in San Diego before hitting Las Vegas…Ryan came along on my photographic adventure with into Nelson, Nevada!

And on our final morning in Las Vegas…we took a stroll from the MGM Grand to The Bellagio…

More to come on Ryan’s Lil’ Adventure — Next Stop?!  Los Angeles, California!!

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Ryan's Mini Adventure

Ryan’s Mini; Disney World

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Last week my friend Lauren and I met up for lunch over at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort (which is one of my faaaaave-orites!) — I had told her I wanted to take Ryan’s Mini Cooper on an Adventure in to Disney World so that she could meet Mickey Mouse; which Lauren was TOTALLY on board for! {Lauren’s a Cast Member at Magic Kingdom & always one for a bit of pixie dust!} It was an incredible afternoon that had both of us bouncing around EPCOT like two little kids running to meet the next character…

Ahhhh, yes! The EPCOT “Golf Ball” 😉

We ran into our first characters in England! (The Author of Winnie The Pooh was British!)

Pooh & Tigger were AWESOME with little Ryan’s Mini…

Lauren & I with Tigger & Pooh!

Cruisin’ Around England…

Next up was CANADA!

And then we ran over for a SECRET Meet & Greet with Mickey and Pluto!

Mick was super awesome…

And even put Ryan’s Mini on Plutos nose!

Pluto & Ryan’s Mini before we headed off to see Donald in Mexico!

Donald hugged me super tight after hearing about Ryan’s story and was super careful with the Mini Cooper (as seen above)

Here we go — over to Norway!

And Africa!

China!  Ive NEVER seen Mulan out EVER — so it was fantastic to run into her!


Ever see The Italian Job?  Well…we attempted to recreate it a bit. 😉

Lauren grabbing some shots…

Then we ran over to meet Snow White!

And a quick stop in America…

Before we bounced over to Japan!

And Morocco!

We ended in Paris, France!

Where we met Belle AND Beast!

A few more snap shots in France!

We ended our travels just before the sunset…

But Don’t Worry!! We’ll be packin’ our bags again SOON for Vegas & LA

(which is where we are RIGHT.NOW.)

Again — a HUGE thank you goes out to all the Disney Cast Members & Characters who were apart of our super awesome day!  I honestly can’t help but smile just thinking about this day…

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