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Aunt Diane’s Farm

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One of my FAVORITE Places in the whole wide world?  Is my Aunt Diane’s Farm…we grew up visiting her in Maryland any time we’d travel from NJ to FL for Disney Vacations.  And it was always a blast getting to ride the horses and, now a days, play with her four pups!  Plus — its quiet out there.  I like quiet.  See…I can slow down every now and then. 😉

While we were there on our East Coast Tour 2011 — we decided to FINALLY do a lil’ session with her and Luna, Dakota, Izzie, and Marcie (her pups) as well as some around the Farm.  Valerie and Indy also got in on the fun too!

Gettin Tyler Ready…

This is my Aunt’s New Boy 🙂

Stef’s Getting The Pups Ready for Their BIG Shot!

TADA!  All The Pups, Tyler, My Aunt Diane & Danny Too! (he’s in his stall!)

Here’s Danny Boy…

He’s Kinda Silly.

But just about the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet.

Here’s Izzie Again…beggin’ Stef to Throw the Ball.

My Cousin Shannon Taught Valerie how to Ride!  Valerie now keeps her horse, Indy at my Aunt’s Farm!

LOVE These Photos!  Capturing moments with your Animal-Family is important too!! ♥

Stef Hanging out with Tyler…

She rode him a bit afterwards…but then he took of on her…and subsequently earned himself a spot in….

TIME OUT! 😉I can’t get ENOUGH of these photos! ♥

Luna…sittin’ in her favorite spot.  Just waitin’…

Izzie’s Huntin’ a Fly…

Then decides a nap sounds like a better idea…

Just like Luna! 🙂

Luna Girl can’t keep her eyes open, lol.

Theeeeeerrre ya have it!!  This ENDS our East Coast Tour 2011!!  I hope y’all enjoyed the photos — get ready for TOMORROW because we’re back to Engagement Sessions, Adorable Babies & Families!! YAY!! ♥
Ohhhhh and if you’re a LOVER of Pets *AND* in the Miami, FL area this weekend — be sure to check out THE POWER OF PETS “Woof Walk” Fun Run on November 12th!
THE POWER OF PETS™ is partnering with the YMCA of Greater Miami North Pointe Branch to host a community walking event for dogs and their owners in the Miami area complete with FREE activities including:
•  2k community dog walk
•  Free pet wellness screenings by veterinarians from Banfield® Pet Hospital
•  Fun for the whole family, with free arts and crafts, pet caricaturist sessions and bounce house
•  Music and dance party
•  Dog agility course
•  Fitness demos
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City Mouse to Country Mouse.

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Soooo when we arrived from our Day in New York City, an extended and prolonged bus ride back to Baltimore, and then the drive down to Southern Maryland?  Well, it was about 3:30AM.  Luckily My Aunt and some of her pups waited up for us.

Well, kinda. 😉

We didn’t get to bed until nearly 5:30AM (Whoa! Flashback to my college days, lol) — so we, of course, took the opportunity to sleeeeep in.  But, after I woke up and got ready?  I headed out for a lil’ piece of the country.

I *LOVE* being at my Aunts Farm. ♥

Oddly Enough…these guys don’t freak me out.

Some Explorin’ was in Order…

Hello, Fall.  I see you.

Annnnnd the horses followed me…

LOVE this photo…

And this one too!

When I got back inside, everyone was gearin’ up for breakfast.  ESPECIALLY Luna…who wound up stealin half of my bagel, lol.

Izzie & Dakota waitin’ for my Aunt to return from work.

Luna Girl. ♥After my Aunt was done with work, and we SLOOOWLY got ready…we were off for some adventures down at Solomon’s Pier!

It’s ALWAYS an Adventure when you’re wearing a Crab Hat……duh!

Drinks on The Pier!

During Sunset, even!!  Fancy, Fancy! 😉

And then it was time for dinner at our FAVORITE Restaurant!! The Ruddy Duck!!

SO, SO, SO Delicious!!

The Next Morning we were up a *little* earlier for some photos and horse ridin’…and, of course, tossin’ a ball for Izzie.

This is her “I’m Serious! Throw That BALL!” Face.

Love this Shot of my Aunt ridin’ Tyler.

Stef took a turn on Tyler next.

He even took off on her, but she handled it like a champ!

…While I took a Turn on Indy!

This is my Aunt’s old horse, Danny — we’re the same age. 😉


And Marcie, the lil’ white clown dog. 😉

I dont know HOW this is comfortable, Izzie…

Morning Numero Tres…well.  NO morning started without THIS.

Lunch was at another Favorite — The Key Lime Pies & Coffee Shop!

That Cucumber Salad was to DIE for!

So was the Cappuccino! 😉

So What if I am?! 😉

Then is was off to my Aunt’s Friend’s Farm…

Where we Met Shrek the Foal!

And Wee the Pig!

Who isn’t so Wee, in fact…


Hello, Baby Llama!

This picture just about sums up how we felt about llamas…never knew if they were gonna spit at us!

A couple days after we got home — a llama had a baby!!  We JUST  missed it!

Farm Life = ♥

And These SKIES = ♥ ♥ ♥

When we got home, Danny was layin’ in the field — which is a NO-NO for Horses.  So everyone was a lil’ worried…

Especially Luna & Stef.

Aunt Diane walked him though, and he seemed to be better in the AM! *whew!*

Izzie just wanted me to throw her ball, lol.

It was CRAB NIGHT for Dinner — they were SO AMAZING!!

Then I cut up some more pumpkins…well.  This one I had to smash!!

The other one turned out happy though, lol.

Blue Steel, Baby.

The Next Day…it was time for us to go home! 🙁

Marcie thought stealing the Happy Pumpkin would keep us there longer…

But our Flight was ready to depart!

So we packed up…and took some photos! ♥

Love these two of us & all the pups. ♥

Aunt Diane doin’ “The Shimansky Goodbye” — which is basically to stand at the gate/driveway/doorway and look reaaaaal sad.  Sometimes you pick weeds outta the garden. 😉

We HAD to stop at Wawa ONE.MORE.TIME.

And Jamba Juice was had at the airport (why cant Florida have these awesome things?!)When we were walking through the Terminal — we were behind WWII vets.  Southwest has a program where they fly WWII Vets into DC to see the WWII Memorial.  It was SUCH an AMAZING moment to witness as everyone stopped and cheered for these men, and even a few walked up to shake their hands.  True Heroes, indeed. ♥

We were all pretty sad that our East Coast Tour was over though…

Well. Except Becky who apparently thought it was FUNNY!! (haha) 😛

Stay Tuned for more photos from My Aunt Diane’s Farm this Afternoon!
We Took some Photos of her & the pups and horses!! 🙂
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New York City, Baby!

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Our Day Began…Bright and Early.

Well.  Not so BRIGHT, but.  Still.  Really, Really EARLY.

4:30AM Kinda Early…

So, a stop at the local Dunks (right down the road from our hotel) was a MUST.

Before Catchin’ our Bus from Baltimore to NEW YORK CITY!!

Stef and I were, obviously, super excited. (Beck was takin’ advantage of the early hours to nap)

Delaware Bridge.

I spent much of the morning playing JAWS Revenge on my iPhone…

And before we knew it…we were SO CLOSE we could FEEL it!


And then….?  The Fun Began!

Side Note?  The Glass on the Left?  I totally got FOR FREE, later on in the day, from an Irish Bartender who rang me up — and noticed that I not only now live in Florida?  BUT!  Still carry a Yankees Debit Card with me.

Major Score.  This glass is now my favorite. 🙂

Our First Stop was Times Square…and so we wandered into Toys ‘R’ Us and…Stef and I rode the Ferris Wheel.  Please note how THRILLED I am at getting the “Sponge Bob” car…I would’ve fought a lil’ kid for a different car, lol.

Views from Toys ‘R’ Us…

Stef in a Shrek Hat…

It’s True.  We do.

LOVE This Photo!

Stef and NYC Police Officers and Ponies. 😉

We wandered into the Times Square information center — SO GLAD we did!  They had the New Years Eve Ball (1998-2008) in there which was SO neat to see!

They had a wall in there too that is FILLED with written wishes on NYE Confetti…

Stef then snuck up behind me and, while in this getup, said, “Will you still be my friend?”

She Totally Cracks Me Up…

Okay, Brides…I Love You. 🙂

Back on the Streets…

Headed to Rockefeller Center — They’re gettin’ the skating rink ready!!

We Decided to head up to the Top of the Rock!

Still Wish We could’ve done the NBC Tour – Maybe Next Time!

Waitin’ in Line…my Sister the Bored Model, lol.

New York City?  I adore you. ♥

Ryan’s Mini Adventure gettin’ in on the Top of the Rock Action!

You can SEE up the Elevator shaft on your way up…so…this is what my sister and I decided would be the best representation of THAT lil’ moment, lol.


Well.  Okay.  Maybe just The Rock. 😉

Love this Next Lil’ Series.

{Stef’s the Silhouette}

Scenes from Top of the Rock — check out the New Years Eve Ball!  Can’t believe in just a couple months time we’ll be COUNTIN’ DOWN to 2012!

Me & My Sis…


Becky at The Top of the Rock (Empire State is Behind Her)

New York Loves Me Back, I swear…

Stef TOTALLY Started a Trend with this move…EVERYONE was doin’ it after her! 😉

Here We Arrrrrreeee!

Back at the Bottom…Stef was up for more modeling…Thanks Dude Behind Her. 😛

We Be Walkin….

Tryin’ to figure out the new phone, lol…

Hey Guys, Heyyyyy…  (My sister says we’re in trouble now that I can effectively take pictures of myself with the new iPhone, lol.  Sheeee’s…probably right) 😉

Headin’ Downtown…

Canal Street!


Favorite Beer (which I still can’t locate in Orlando) — Amazing Pizza — Cappuccino to Keep it Goin –> Happy Casie.

And Then it was Time for…our  my reason for visiting NYC.  And I’ll repeat what I said in that moment, “Some Things in Life Shouldn’t Exist…this is one of those things.”

The First Name I saw… Philip T. Hayes. ♥

The Memorial is a THOUSAND times more gorgeous and peaceful…than words or pictures could ever do for it.

This is a Tree that survived the fall of the WTC on 9/11…

My Daddy’s Friends… ♥

The Museum. (Not Open Yet)

These Pillars are from the original WTC…they will be the first things you’ll see when you enter the museum.

I never want to forget these moments…or the sounds of the water falling here.

Okay. So Dad wanted us to take a photo WITH a PAPD Cop — and we were Chicken Sh*t about it.  So.  THIS is what we came up with instead.  The PAPD Officer is BEHIND the guy with the camera to his face, lol.

This.  Just broke my heart… ♥Let’s Give this Peace thing a Chance, huh?

Living Out Loud…Always. ♥

One World Trade? You are Growing by Leaps & Bounds. ♥

Never Forget, America.

Sincerely — you HAVE to visit here…it is, ironically, one of the most peaceful places I have EVER been to.

This was Dad’s good Friend…

As we were about to leave…I remember looking around and seeing a lot of people sitting on the park benches, on their phones, talking…laughing, smiling…and I just got an overwhelming feeling that A LOT of people must call the ones they love from here and tell them…out right…“Hey, I love you.” …it just seemed like one of those moments.

So.  We took this photo for our parents, family, friends & loved ones. ♥

We then RACED across town…met up with my LOVELY September Bride & Groom — you know them, you love them — Maggie & Gennady for ALL of FIVE Minutes…where I also got a Free Yankees Glass, lol.

Before we jetted off once more…

It was TIME to head BACK to Baltimore…
It wasn’t a pretty bus ride either…
Let’s just say it left late, we got stuck in a slew of traffic, and then we didn’t get BACK until a lil’ after 1AM with an 1.5 hour drive ahead of us to our Aunts House…So.  We were EXCITED to get off the bus, grab some coffee & be on our way!  lol…
Aunt Diane’s Farm will be comin’ at’cha tomorrow, my loves!! Stay Real. ♥
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East Coast Tour 2011.

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We Flew Out on a Thursday Night.

Mickey Ears Included.

Destination? Virginia.  Maryland.  NYC.

This = East Coast Tour 2011.

We Arrived – First.  In Virginia.  A Girls Weekend with BFF Jenn!

And, naturally, the very next morning?  I had to have nail surgery.

Because Broken nails are soooooo not sexy.

And I broke the dang thing RIGHT when we got to OIA the night before…

Nail Surgery Complete….it was time for *drum roll puh-lease!* WAWA!

And then we adopted some Pumpkins!!

And I stopped to think, “Dang, Virginia.  You sure are pretty…”

And I got to meet THIS LOVELY GIRL — Nicole from Big Day for 10K!  And I basically Love her.  Like, Im going to be her first Floridian BFF when she and her new hubs move here. 😉

Then I went and tried on some hats at Target…

Because, I pretty much like hats.

{Side Note: The above photo is *so* Blue Steel}

And then I made my BFF’s take this awesome picture of me.

Well.  I didn’t MAKE them….okay, okay, I kinda made them. 😉

Then we got back to the house, put on some Zac Brown Band (because we couldn’t afford to SEE him, but we COULD hear him playing at the nearby arena!) and then….I killed a pumpkin.

And I ate his guts…but he was pretty happy after we shared a drink…

See. This is a Happy Pumpkin.

The next Day?  It was time to drive to Maryland!

Where ALL The BFF’s were together — so we could celebrate a very special lil’ birthday.

Because Serenity Turned One!

Two of the Four BFF’s.

Hm.  Well, Two of the Three.

I don’t think I can count myself as my own BFF, right? 😛

Then we checked into a hotel…

And rented a Minivan.


For the Record?

I think I make look really, really ridiculously good.

And I saw some Planes Fly.

Next Morning?


Yes. My Parents shipped it to me from Orlando.

Yes, they are the best parents EVER. ♥

But I couldnt play with it JUST yet because it was time for Lunch with Jenna & Elizabeth!!

Thaaaaaat’s Right!  Two Rockin’ Girls from Little Bit Heart!

And…I, like, totally love them too. ♥

{What can I say? I’m a Lover!}

From There?  Exploration Annapolis was ON!

Where we met our new BFF – Parking Dude Bob.

And we saw the sights!

I seriously *LOVE* Annapolis! ♥

Then…it was this lil’ girls REAL First Birthday-Day.

So we celebrated that.

But you already KNEW that because I’ve blasted it all over this blog, lol! 😉

Want to Know what’s Coming up Here on the BLOG?!

Next Week is JAM PACKED with:

A look in our DAY TRIP to NYC & The WTC Memorial.

Finishing up our East Coast Tour on my Aunt Diane’s Farm!

Annnnnd THEN!  

Lizzi & Nathan’s ENGAGEMENT Session -AND-

Baby Jovan & Emma Grace’s Photos will be fillin’ up these pages and wowin’ y’alls faces!!

Have a Great Weekend, Crazy Kids!

PS:  If you dig AMAZING Tunes?  You’ll definitely want to grab my friend’s BRAND NEW CDThe Murphy Project is made up of two of my BEST Buds, Brock & Jason, and two of the most insanely talented musicians I’ve ever been blessed to know.  They were also two good friends of my sister, Kellie…and faces you’ve more than likely seen around here on the blog.  But, seriously.  Do yourself a favor.  GRAB THIS CD…and rock out to it for the rest of your life.

I know that is EXACTLY what I’ll be doing! ♥

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Exit 151.

no thumb

I just KNOW you guys have been dying for this day…

And it’s HERE!  It’s finally, really, truly HERE! 😉

While I was visiting the NJ/NYC Area — I took a day to “Explore” My Hometown.

Yup! Nutley, New Jersey — Exit 151 off the Garden State Parkway.

Soooo…I’m gonna start the Tour of Nutley now.

This Hill certainly seemed A LOT larger when I was Casie, Age 10.

My Street!  ♥

And, of course, my old house…

My Preschool.

Styretown Bakery.

Yeah, I wish we had more of these in Florida…

My Old Church!

I Love Our Cross. 🙂

I used to come here EVERY DAY after school.

It’s no longer open. 🙁


A few years ago — Nutley went and got “Big” and got itself a Starbucks.

I’d be a lil’ more impressed with a Dunks, btw.

Bank of Nutley.

I FLIPPED outta my adorable lil’ lid when I saw THIS.

Applegate Farm!


Nutley High — Dad went here.  We would’ve gone here.


The Ave – Franklin Ave.

We cruise here. 😉

Little League Baseball Fields.

Magic Happened Here….

Some of my favorite memories were on these fields.

Power Lines.

We don’t *really* have these in Florida.

{They’re mostly underground & such.}

My Grammar School – Spring Garden Elementary.

Alotta Shimansky’s went here!

This door used to be bright orange.

It’s the Kindergarten door…so…I met a lot of my BFF’s at this door.

All Grown Up!

Dad said I looked like a “True Nutleyite” here!

Always has a piece of my heart. ♥

This is my BFF From Kindergarten, Christina!

We met on the FIRST day of Kindergarten…and later that afternoon my dad was driving me and Kell home when we passed Christina’s house.  She was outside with her mom and I MADE Dad stop so we could say hi.  While Dad and Christina’s Mom were talking — we were in the backyard, on the swing set, where I taught Christina how to cross The Monkey Bars using the aged ol’ “Little Engine That Could Method” — y’know….“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”  The rest is, as they say, History.

Christina’s house?  Totally visible from my house, btw.

We literally lived right down the street from one another.

She’s been teaching English in Korea for the past couple of years — by a stroke of randomness — we happened to be in Nutley at the SAME time while she’s on vacation from work!

And THIS Guy, Mr. Jeffrey and I have been Best Buds since he was born.  Since I’m a whopping 8 months older.  So…basically there isn’t a moment in my life that I don’t remember without Jeff in it as his family lives right next door to my old house.  Seriously…from Ghostbusters to makin’ cookies with his Mom…man, Ghostbusters are the shiz-nit.

It’s pretty crazy — I know a ton of AMAZING people ALL of this kick ass world of ours.  But these two?  I’ve know the longest…and, basically forever.  And regardless of how frequently or infrequently we talk?  We always pick RIGHT back up where we left off and can always talk about anything & every thing.  They also NEVER let me leave the state of New Jersey without seeing them, lol…which pretty much goes without saying since they’re a big reason to why I keep goin’ back.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed a lil’ look into my Hometown! ♥

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