Ken + Katie {Married!}

Everrrrry now & again there’s a wedding that you just *HAVE* to be apart of, like…your very life depends on it (mostly) and you feel that maybe – just maybe – these two crazy kids that fell in love and decided to get hitched? Were reaaaallly trying their best to entice you with every little wedding trick in the book…and Katie + Ken’s was exactly that for me.

For a few reasons, really…we’ll start with the fact that Katie and I have been friends for…Forever, and there’s nothing quite like being there for a friend on her wedding day.  And, when she told me that she and Ken had gotten engaged aboard a Disney Cruise, and that they were also looking into a Disney Wedding aboard The Disney Dream?  Well…I had to be there.  I just *HAD* to be.

Which is to say…that my very life depended on it.  Listen, if you know anything about me…then you know to get me to do almost anything in life?  All you have to do is say, “Disney”…it really IS the Magic word. ;)

There is also something really-really insanely magical, my friends, in having a bride tell you that you *HAVE* to be there as well — like, really?  She simply won’t have it any other way.  And…I honestly can’t tell you what that even means to me, Mrs. Katie J-Now-N. It was simply an HONOR to be there, and it very honestly meant the world to me to be able to capture such an incredible wedding day.

Seriously, Katie…SER-I-OUS-LY…Gorgeous. ♥

I *LOVE* Couples who write their own vows. L-O-V-E. ♥

So I…LOVE this little story as well.  Ken’s Dad, Tom, not only used to work for Disney, but was hired by Mr. Walt Disney himself – where he became the first ever Tom Sawyer! The ring below is one that Ken wears, and was his fathers gift from Disney for 20 years of service.  It has his dad’s initials and original start date engraved on the inside of it as well.

You can visit Tom Nabbe’s website HERE! :)

Caught Ken’s Dad trying to steal my job, haha. ;)

The New Mr. & Mrs. Nabbe! ♥

The Disney Dream has a PINK Champagne made exclusively for them — and, the lovely couple got a very special toast with it as well!

Ohhhh Katie and her Cake — this girl LIVES for Cake, I think! ;)

Katie…If you get any more adorable? You’ll be a Care Bear. :P

Mhm. This.Really.Happened. ♥

Katie + Ken thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to be apart of your INCREDIBLE Wedding Day — Seriously, you have my heart, my soul…and the memory of this weekend FOREVER…and ever…and ever…and…well. You get it. ;)

Casie {kay-cee; KC}

Passionate Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. Intense New York Yankees Fan. Fierce Driver of an amazing Mini Cooper. Luckiest Girl Alive.

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6 Responses

  • Diana on May 28, 2012, 19:11:52

    OMG!! What an adorable couple! Plus, what amazing photos…as usual! You really know how to capture a story and capture the love and happiness of a big day! Love! xoxo

  • Cara on May 30, 2012, 18:47:13

    Casie you’re fantastic! I absolutely LOVE these photos!!!

  • Julia on June 9, 2012, 20:22:17

    Whose portrait is that sewn on to her bouquet?

  • Casie {kay-cee; KC} on June 25, 2012, 17:20:12

    That’s her mom’s photo on the bouquet. :)