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I was completely flattered — and nearly flabbergasted — earlier this week when a new Twitter-Bud complimented me so graciously on my style of writing and blogging and put me in the likes of the one & only Jasmine Star.  I actually had to read his comment two or three times to make sure he had indeed intended it for me, and hadn’t completely fallen off his rocker.

He’d later go on to asking me where I learned to write this way…and, in complete & total truth?  This is just who I am.  I’ve had a writing utensil in my hand far longer than a camera, and I am SURE that my mother has the childhood notes I’d leave my parents stored safely somewhere to prove it.  I was just always a world better with written words rather than the spoken ones — although, I’m getting much more stellar with the speaking kind too as I kinda just come to “own” who I am and am not so fearful of this girl, the words in my mouth, OR possibly fumbling them…it happens, my tongue gets tied…it might even be cute and funny from time to time.

I believe a great deal of it is having completed grade school in New Jersey; where English was king – Grammar was imperative – Spelling was quizzed – and Penmanship was graded.  Although, somehow, quite ironically, I was buzzed out of our Fourth Grade Spelling Bee due to the tricky word, “Beautiful.”  Which, for the record, I have never misspelled since.

I also believe a good bit of how I write today was influenced by my time on The Winter Springs High School newspaper staff; The Bear Truth.  Which, in our inaugural year, my freshman year of High School – a handful (literally) of us created and built from each tiny typed word and blue screen moment of death on up.  I credit a good bit of my layout & design know-how from those days too, as I was a Layout Editor for a couple of years.  (Do you hear that?  “Memories” is playing quietly in the background) ANYway — in my sophomore year, I was granted a promotion from “Teacher Features” to a column all my own called, “Casie’s Life” — which was to be a Dave Barry-esque look on a high schooler’s life.  My life.  A single, high schooler’s life.  More on that single thing manana.

“Casie’s Life” didn’t make me famous, but it definitely focused my attention on the editorial aspect of life and storytelling versus “Here’s the facts I collected in five paragraphs.” — 5 paragraph essays, to me, can be written while I sleep.

Ultimately, I believe in writing genuinely from your heart; as I also believe in photographing from the heart.  So these words are just who I am…as are each and every one of the images I capture.  I believe in being honest, saying it how it is, and not restricting or censoring myself.  I’m not afraid of any words, no – not even of the four letter kind.  And I absolutely believe that I could spew words from my mouth till I turn blue — but if there’s no ACTION behind those words?  Then they are meaningless.  So…I believe in the ACTION as well.

I’m not going to sit here and bullshit you (I’m a HORRIBLE liar.) and I’m not going to go out of my way to keep the truth from you.  It’s MUCH easier to tell you how it is the first go around.  I am this girl, these are my words. It really is as simple as that.  Yes, there’s a certain talent that lies behind the fingers on the keyboard; a lot of which is natural…and a lot of which is learned, practiced, and decidedly a very particular way.

But it really is all…just me.

So my initial advice for those looking to blog more & blog better?  Be yourself. Obviously, don’t blast the F-Word around…and your spelling and grammar?  Imperative. Seriously, I cannot stress that more — there are fantastic inventions now such as Word Documents, spell check, and Google that will help you, should you need it.  People will judge you based on your grammar, spelling, and overall use of the English language — I promise you this.

I heard something (or perhaps read it via Twitter?) that Google-ing something is the new “think before you speak” — and that couldn’t be more spot on if it tried.  If you’re not sure of something — GOOGLE it!  No one ever has to KNOW that you Googled it — but if you get it wrong?!  We’ll know.  We always do.

They’re. Their. AND There.  ALL.DIFFERENT. Trust me on this.

If there is a red line under it?  Try again.  Or.  Right click and correct.  Easy-peasy.

Like photography, my friends?  You have to KNOW the rules to BREAK the rules.  Plus, it’s kinda fun to know what you’ve gotten away with, right? 😉

I cannot stress it enough — English is important.  Just as much as your genuine personality is important.  The instant I feel someone’s not being genuinely “them” on Twitter or Facebook or their Blog and trying to be, emulate, or even worse – COPY – someone else or their style?  I lose interest. AND — don’t be a negative weenie.  No one likes negativity.  You can have a bad day here & there.  You can even vent — because, hey! We’re all in this together, my friends — but, quite seriously — if you’re a negative turd of a person day in and day out and literally CANNOT see ANY good in your life or your particular situation?  1. I’ve un-followed you.  and 2. CHALLENGE yourself to find the silver lining, because I swear to you — it’s there.

So, that’s my Blogging 101.  Maybe, in due time, we’ll dive into even more topics about this fantastically expressive arena that is CRUCIAL to our field – yes, photog’s – blogging, to me, is CRUCIAL.  Aye, see.  I just thought of even MORE things I could tell you about Blogging — so, now you’ll HAVE to come back!  I know, that’s evil.  But… you will still love me tomorrow. 😉

Speaking of which, come back tomorrow, won’t you?  More Questions to be Answered comin’ your way!

Happy Saturday, Lovelies — I’m off to an AWESOME Engagement session with Jackie, Rob & Puppy Layla! ♥

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