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Thirty Something.


We’re house hunting. Which is NOT at ALL what they show on HGTV, by the way. #HeadsUp #SpoilerAlert

And we just keep hitting walls on more fronts than I care for.  We’ve waited for this moment for over three years, and…crappy as it may sound, after all our waiting I’m kinda “over” life fighting me on it.

I’ve been patient. Now I kinda want what I want.

Also important to note: I’m tired of people telling me that the “waiting will be worth it” as if this is some new concept I have not entertained the idea of.

The age thing is hitting me harder & harder these days too…now that I’m 32 and supremely “behind” in a lot of life’s moments. I never hit that wall of turning 30 and going “Well, life is over now. Goodbye 20s!”  I hate – truly HATE – when people whine and complain about getting older or having another birthday to celebrate or “OH NO! Thirty! Run!”

Shut.Up. You’re ALIVE. Celebrate THAT.

I was EXCITED for 30, because I knew these would be the years I had been waiting for.

But those creepy, haunting voices in the back of my head are certainly becoming louder the “older” I get.  It doesn’t help when actual real-life-people seem to take enjoyment out of poking you and reminding you that you’re “not getting any younger” either. Again, tell me something I’m unaware of.

It’s not about wanting kids anymore, it’s more about…when we get there will I even be able to HAVE kids?!  I have shaken that fear off more times than I can remember.

And while I’ve accepted my fair share of lectures on the “next steps” in OUR relationship – I’m over those too.  I don’t particularly need your advice.  I don’t think people realize that we’ve all but been living together since we started dating — we’ve just been bouncing between parent’s homes as we paid off debts and saved for THIS moment.  What daft fools we are for attempting to be financially responsible. 😉

I don’t think most people realize that if it weren’t for money and MY request for a home before a ring before we even hit our first year anniversary…we would’ve been all those things long before now too.  Fairly early on, we knew.

Our plan isn’t like the regular ones, and for that – I’m pretty freakin’ grateful.

This growing up thing is not for the faint of heart.

I am beyond lucky that at the end of a seemingly endless emotional breakdown that left my defeated by failures and lost opportunities and getting older and “running out of time” type scenarios…he set me straight.

He reminded me of all I HAVE accomplished, all I’ve been able to experience.  The places I traveled.  The career I was so determined to achieve – an opportunity that most would kill for – one that many said couldn’t be found, I found.  That I work, daily, on something I love and am passionate about with a team I consider family — is beyond what most kids dream of.  And that, yes, maybe I am 32 and still living at home, unmarried, with no kids — but those are things that haven’t happened yet…and things that we’re working on together.

So, we’re house hunting.

Which isn’t what they show you on HGTV.

But, likely. I’ll show you here. :)

Living Out Loud.

What does “Live Out Loud” mean to me? 
– Living in the Now. Reveling in life’s moments – both big & small. Choosing Happiness. Choosing Positivity. Knowing each day has a “win.”
– Living through Giving in Charity, Determination, Compassion, Love, Understanding & Acceptance. WHATEVER you can give – counts.
– Living through trust and transparency … Knowing that life isn’t all rainbows and Care Bears – but the sun still comes out tomorrow, and even when life is ugly – life can still be beautiful.
– Living w/ appreciation and gratitude. Telling people how you feel, when you feel it. Never losing your voice. 
– Living your Fears. Trusting yourself. Go diving with your shark.
A lot of these qualities and thoughts were in the shadow of who I was, and who I was becoming, before we lost Kellie – most of it is hardcore in direct result from her death.  After a week or two of delirious fog I woke up one more and knew I had a decision – life or death, happiness or mastering the art of being miserable, positivity and leading by example or using my situation as an excuse to be sad all the time.  
They were the thoughts and qualities that wouldn’t leave me alone late into the night when I missed her, or when I’d hit a wall and look for her — these were the things that made sense.
Needless to say, my sister was a firecracker and I KNEW if I had chosen any of those less than stellar options and lived a life SHE wouldn’t have been proud of?  I’d pay for it – someday.  So, since that morning – for me and many around me – it has been exclusively about Living Out Loud.  It may have started for Kellie, but it definitely turned in to a “for me” thing in time.  Now I let no one or no thing stand in my way — I’ve seen hell.  I’ve been there.  Held hands with it.  
If I live to see 100 life will still be too short to waste any time on mediocrity, sadness, negativity, or crappy people.  

The Part They Forget.


Anyone can survive. The surviving part – that’s easy.  It’s the LIVING that gets dangerous.  It’s the finding a reason – a purpose – and a method to the madness.

It’s clinging to hope, embracing a dream, and having a certain level of recklessness that says, “This terrifies me, and maybe it’s just a little bit stupid – but I’m doing it anyway.”

It’s daring to actually do more than just breathe.  Challenging more than just existence.  Becoming the people we knew that we were meant to be.

Changing to grow.

That’s the part most people forget.

The Investment of You.


I invest in people.

To a fault, perhaps, I’m too trusting, possibly too forgiving — maybe a little too stupid to do things the traditional way.  I just simply feel like I shouldn’t have to invest in anyone who wouldn’t invest in me…

Be Real.  Be Honest.

Be true to who you are and what you stand for.

Don’t Lie.

And there’ll be no coming back from hurting my family.

My time is valuable.  The people in my life are priceless.  Don’t fake your investment.  Don’t smile & try to win me back, either.

What’s done is done.

You have to be brave enough to know your value — to know what you have, and what you’re worth.  Because…if you don’t?  You can easily get lost in a lot of bullshit that’s out there.  Stay true to who you are, and what you stand for.  Surround yourself with priceless (and positive) people who support you and who can enjoy your happiness alongside you.

And never be afraid in the Investment of You.

You Are Worth It.

That’s not being selfish.

That’s not allowing anyone to take a piece of you without your permission.

It’ll Find You.

Georgia Aquarium

Ohhhh I’m one of those silly people that thinks it’s nearly everywhere. From sunrises to laughing with my family and befriending total strangers.  You have to allow it to find you because if you shut it out or get scared that it’s there — then, it’ll evade you like the butterfly mid-flight.

Most just tend to look too hard for it, or completely ignore it when it’s staring them in the face – because we don’t know what it looks like or how to define it or what to even do with it sometimes. But it is the most shocking act. It has to be.  That’s what makes it exactly what it is…terrifying, confusing, downright insane…all while being completely and ridiculously worthwhile.

Love, in my world, finds you.